Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register with St. Theresa’s Parish?

Registration forms can be found at the back of the church, on this website or by calling the parish office. Once a form is completed you may drop the form in the collection basket during Mass or return mail it to:


St. Theresa’s Parish

1 William St.

Fredericton, NB

E3A 1N1


Registration Form - Click to Download

Is registration mandatory?

No, but we would like to get to know you and your family.  We keep a database of those members registered so that we are able record sacraments, donations, religious formation participation and provide pastoral letters of reference.


Please note that if you or your children receive a sacrament at St. Theresa’s, use envelopes for your weekly donations or have children registered in religious formation you may be automatically registered here at St. Theresa’s Parish.



How do I register my child for Religious Formation?

Registration for all youth Religious Formation programs is held in September during Welcome Weekend.  Registration forms may also be obtained on line in the Religious Formation section of this website or by calling the parish office.   Please note that a registration form must be filled out to be able attend Religious Formation programs.


How do I get my baby/child Baptized?

If you wish to have your baby/child Baptized please contact the Parish Office at (506) 444-6070.  You may be required to participate in a Baptism preparation class prior to the Baptism.

How do I get married in the Church?

If you wish to get married at St. Theresa's please contact the Parish Office at (506) 444-6070. 




How can I make a donation to the Church?

Donations to St. Theresa’s Parish are always accepted and appreciated.  Donations can be made in the following ways:

  1. During Mass time donations may be deposited in the collection baskets during collection.

  2. Please note that if you would like to have a tax receipt for your donations please place donation in an envelope with your name, address and phone number.

  3. In December of each year boxes of numbered weekly donation envelopes for the next year are available at the back of the church.  You are invited to select a box to use for your donations throughout the year.  Please be sure to write your name and address on the first few envelopes you use.  Envelope may be started at any time of the year.

  4. You may also use our convenient bi-weekly or monthly auto debit program for your donations.  Auto debit forms are available at the back of the church or by contacting the parish office.  


Auto Debit Form - Click to Download

Tax receipts are issued early in February and are placed at the back of the church for pick up.

How do I book a Mass Intention (Mass Card)?

You can book a Mass Intention (Mass Card) two ways.  

  • In person at the Parish Office during office hours.

  • At local funeral homes during visitations.




What is Responsible Ministry?

The Diocese of Saint John has implemented a diocese wide program to prevent abuse of   children, youth and vulnerable adults in our parishes.  Prevention includes having good processes in place in order to prevent opportunities for abuse, neglect and harm from arising.    Ways that we do this is by having Catechists and adult assistants complete a police check and vulnerable sector search and providing training to adults that will be working with children, youth and vulnerable adults.