WE BELIEVE: What is our creed? What is in our hearts?

What we believe, our faith expresses who we are. It is, in so many ways, written on our hearts. This is what we hear this weekend in our first reading from the prophet Jeremiah (Jer.31:31-34): I will put my law within them, and I will write it on their hearts; and I will be their God and they shall be my people. God loves us, all of us, all the time. God believes in us, trusts us. Can we believe in one another? What follows is an expression of belief, a creed from our Catholic sisters and brothers in far off Indonesia. On this Solidarity Sunday we reach out to them in expressing solidarity, oneness and connection. Their creed is our creed. Their way of living faith, trust and love is our way as well.

A Creed from Indonesia (abridged)

We believe in God, Creator of us all,

who has given the earth to all people.

We believe in Jesus Christ,

who came to encourage us and to heal us,

to deliver us from oppression,

to proclaim the peace of God to all humanity.

Christ has given himself to our world,

it is amongst all people that the Lord lives – the living God.

We believe in the Spirit of God,

who works in every woman, man and child of good will.

We believe in the Church,

given as a beacon for all nations,

moved by the Spirit to serve all people.

We believe that God shares with us the power and responsibility

for the destruction of sin in all of us and that

all people will share in God’s everlasting life.

We dare to believe, always and everywhere, in a new humanity,

in God’s own dream of a new heaven and a new earth

where justice and peace will flourish. Amen.

On this Solidarity Sunday, may we in our St. Theresa’s community, take our creed to heart and live our faith in love, in action and in life. May we stand in solidarity with all of our sisters and brother around the world. No matter their creed, colour, culture or circumstances, we hold them in our hearts.