Religious Formation: A Life-long Project

As we move into September and the Fall season, our parish resumes its more normal pattern of life. One of the elements of this pattern is always the project of religious formation. Normally we think first of the religious formation of children and of youths. This is indeed important and our programs will commence here at St. Theresa’s next weekend, Sept 12-13. The programs will include three levels of formation: K-5; CONNECT (Middle School) and Youth4U (High School and Confirmation Preparation).

But religious formation is a life-long process. Just as we each grow, change and come to see life differently over our lifetime, so is the life of faith a constantly growing and changing experience. Our parish community tries to assist this constant growth by also offering ongoing faith formation for adults as well. Throughout the coming year, we will be providing many opportunities for such adult faith formation and enrichment. As well, we will be offering occasions for families and others to participate in whole community faith nurturing opportunities.

All of these efforts to promote and assist faith development for members our parish community of all ages will attempt to accomplish three key aims.

  • To Inform: No matter what the age or the circumstances our efforts are intended to increase our knowledge and understanding of the core beliefs and values of Christia faith.

  • To Form: Faith is more than knowledge, it is intended to move us and affect how we live our lives. Whether children, youth or adult, Christian faith is intended to form us into a Christian community. It aims to offer each person a sense of belonging with others who share our faith.

  • To Transform: All the opportunities for religious formation, at whatever age, are part of a life-long journey of conversion. We become disciples of Jesus for life. What Jesus offers to his followers is holiness and fullness or meaning in life for them. What is also offered is through these disciples is a commitment to bring life and meaning to the world.

As we begin this new cycle of parish life this Fall, we are all invited to embark on this journey of faith. As a community we offer a commitment to do our best to assist you and keep you informed of the many opportunities for enrichment. We invite you to do your best to be aware of the possibilities that are coming your way within our parish community. May God bless us all as we embark on this new parish year.