Ministries: Sharing Time, Talent and Treasure in Community

Teamwork is a big part of life. In families, the cooperation and contributions of each member help the family to sustain itself and enriches the daily life of the whole family. Each member brings unique gifts and ways of doing things to the whole family. A hockey team or a baseball team or a football team might benefit from a superstar. But even the best superstar cannot do everything, nor can a star win a game without supporting players. Success depends so much on teamwork.

In a parish community, there are a host of needs, challenges and opportunities. It takes a team to address these many aspects of our community life. It was no accident that in the Gospels we see Jesus associating others with him in his ministry. This ministry was aimed at God’s plan. It is a plan to build the Reign of God in our world, among all peoples. To do this calls for the time, treasure and talents of many. Jesus recognized this and so called his disciples to be part of his mission. He shared his call with them.

From our very baptism we enter into this call to build the Kingdom. Baptism calls us to share in the ministry of Jesus. Our life-faith journey unfolds as we share our human gifts in this project. Each of us brings a unique way of building up the kingdom. At the same time we work together with others in this project. The goal is to have all humanity, all of creation grow into the humanity and creation that is God’s dream – a kingdom of justice and of peace, of wholeness and healing, a kingdom of love, compassion and openness to all.

Here at St. Theresa’s this is our goal, to be builders of God’s reign. To this end we invite each member of our community to be actively involved in ministries which bring life to us. Such involvement not only contributes to the active life of our parish, it also brings life to the person who ministers. They sense a bond, a relationship which comes from working alongside others. It also gives each person a sense of ownership in the community.

This weekend, October 3-4, we reach out to each member of the St. Theresa’s community and invite them to share their time, talent and treasure in a ministry in our parish. The form that is made available today at Mass identifies some of the many ministries that serve our parish. Each member of the community, regardless of age or circumstances is invited to take the time to fill out a form indicating how they wish to share their time, talent and treasure in ministry among us. We will pick up the forms during Mass.