Our Sponsorship Mission:

To empower our sponsor family to rebuild healthy and fulfilling lives with dignity, security, and self-sufficiency on their terms, and to offer the presence and support of a caring community.

We’ve finally received some positive news on the arrival of our family. As you may be aware, St. Theresa’s in partnership with St. John the Evangelist parish have committed to sponsoring a Syrian family. Despite much planning and preparation - they’ve yet to arrive.

This past week we received written confirmation from the federal government that our family will be arriving by or before early November. While we’ve been given arrival deadlines in the past, we’ve been assured the last of the hurdles have now been cleared and we’re simply awaiting the completion of travel arrangements. To this end we should receive at least 10 days’ notice ahead of their arrival…so “any day now” is an accurate description of our holding pattern.

A new search has begun to secure appropriate housing and once found, help to move furniture collected and set up their home, along with a few other preparations to ensure they receive a proper welcome will be required. Stay tuned for more details on how YOU can get involved!

We’ve been in touch with our family through a translator and they are as eager and anxious to get here, as we are to welcome them into their new community.

Our family: Mom and dad in their 30’s, three girls and two boys all under the age of 12.

Updates will follow as they become available!

Thanks for your ongoing support!