Welcome Fr. Martin Arputham

Our whole community is thankful that Father Martin has come to be with us and we look forward to his leadership and collaboration as our parish develops.

As a parish community we are all eager to meet and come to know Father Martin better. As we begin this journey together he has kindly offered us some biographical information.

Father Martin is a member of the Heralds of Good News, a missionary community which seeks to carry out the work of the apostles in sharing the Good News of the Jesus Christ. It was start in 1984 in the Diocese of Eluru in India by Bishop Jose Kaimlet. Among other aims the priests of this community seek to assist in other dioceses where there is a need. Father Martin belongs to one province or section of this community located in Tamilnady, south India

Father Martin was born on December 14th, 1980. He has five sisters and four brothers. His father died a number of years ago, but is mother still lives in India. He was ordained as a priest on December 21st, 2005 and served in parish ministry for 6 years. After this experience, he went back to study and completed a bachelor of education degree followed by a masters degree in social work, specializing in the area of psychiatric care. He served for a year in St. Joseph’s care home.

Before coming to Canada in May of this year, Fr. Martin served in a parish in Dijon France, assisting in pastoral work while studying French. Upon arrival in Canada, he came to the Diocese of Saint John and assisted in the parishes of St. Anne’s and St. Joachim in the east end of the city. During that time he became a bit more familiar with the culture and character of the church here in this country.

Our thanks to the Heralds of Good News and to Father Martin for the generosity they are express to our diocese through the presence and pastoral work he is carrying out among us. God Bless you.