Revitalizing our Diocese

In late January and early February this year, every member of our community, in every parish and mission, from Miramichi to Fredericton to Saint John, was asked to participate in a survey called the Disciple Maker Index Survey. It asked us to think about how we see ourselves as disciples of Jesus. It asked us to think about the best way to renew our diocesan church, so that we can carry out the mission we were given at our baptism: to share the Good News with all the peoples of the earth.

Every Catholic in our diocese was invited to respond to the Disciple Maker Survey. It was emailed, available online, and published in the New Freeman.

The response was truly gratifying, as 6,135 people responded. This means that a third of the people who go to Mass in our diocese responded! That is a phenomenal response and a testament to the commitment our people have to the Lord and to the Church.

The survey was administered in February and the overall results were shared with the Bishop and the Priests Council at the end of June. The results were then sent to the individual parishes and a series of Webinars were held in late July and early August to help parishes interpret their results. Many parishes and pastoral councils have discussed the results and incorporated the information into their pastoral planning.

The cost of the survey was funded in part by a grant from an international Catholic foundation that prefers anonymity, but wanted to support the efforts of Bishop Harris and the people of this diocese to revitalize our local Church.

The overall diocesan results and the individual parish results are now being considered as part of the plan to revitalize the Diocese for Evangelization and Discipleship. It’s important that everyone be aware of the results and able to give their feedback, and there will be several opportunities for this in the coming months.

Updates about the Revitalization and Renewal process can be found on the parish website at, on Facebook at Revitalizing our Diocese and will appear in the New Freeman.

In the coming weeks the parish will be looking at St. Theresa’s survey results and will be communicating those results with the parish.