A Vision for a Revitalized Church Living out our Baptismal Call

This Sunday, Bishop Robert Harris announces the plan for diocesan realignment. It will result in one of the most significant changes in the structure of our diocese, since we began more than 175 years ago. Why are we doing this now?

The reason for such a change in our diocese is captured in the vision that was developed first in our Diocesan Pastoral Plan, published in 2012. This plan presented the core of our vision for the pastoral life of our diocese. In the last two years through survey, reflection, consultation and prayer our diocese has further refined this vision. It now is our Vision for a Revitalized Church, Living out our Baptismal Call.

The changes announced this Sunday are based on becoming a Church that lives this vision.

  • An evangelizing community that gives Jesus Christ to the world

  • Full churches for Sunday Mass

  • Intergenerational community of children, teens, young adults, middle-age, seniors

  • The center of the community life serving those on the margin and most in need

  • A community of growing disciples who share their faith, support one another, and lead others to Jesus Christ

May God bless us as we seek to live as missionary disciples of Jesus, sharing the Good News in our world, locally and globally.