Letter to Parishioners – I Thank God for You

“How good it is to see brothers and sisters live in unity”

It has been two weeks since we all began our new faith community as parishioners. I greatly appreciate the warm welcome I have received in all three worship sites. I am sure I will gradually get to know you all!

I am very happy to learn the different gifts from various leadership in our faith community and to work with them, enabling them to lead different areas. I thank all leadership for their willingness to support our newly merged parish. Many parishioners are already involved in various groups and ministries and I hope to include many more.

Let us be thankful to God that just as we have listened to Him and started to worship as one faith community, it’s not over but just a beginning. We know we have a long way to go to make our parish an active, vibrant, viable and faith filled community. Let us always remember the work of the Holy Spirit in us and through us. Co-responsibly must be a key principle as we plan for the future.

On our journey, let us keep the vision of the process we have started, especially by identifying the needs of our parish communities. Ours is a parish where people truly care for one another and God will help us to do that mission. We also have a great mix of age groups and talents within the parish; it’s the duty of all the leadership to identify them and use those talents with love to serve in our Sunday liturgies where we gather to celebrate the Eucharist together.

I am truly appreciative of all that you do in our newly formed parish, and of the generous gifts of talent, time, ideas of faith, hope and love. We shall continue our journey together.

Fr. Martin Arputham