The Mercy of God is Revealed in the Face of the Child Jesus

Dear Parishioners,

At Christmas we celebrate the greatest story ever told. God became small and in humility allowed himself to be born of Mary in poverty and simplicity. Christmas is a feast of family, a feast of heart, and an invitation to look again at the child lying in the manger and to learn from him. The joy of Christmas is not for a day or a season. It is an eternal joy. A joy that no one can take from us because it is the joy of Jesus Christ himself present in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who dwells within us. The Lord gives us a supernatural joy which no pain nor sorrow can diminish, and which neither life nor death can take away. We can firmly believe that all of us can celebrate this Christmas in its truest sense, casting aside all the differences and existing difficulties.

As we gather to celebrate this year, another year has passed with great many events, loss of people whom we loved, changes within our faith communities, sickness, suffering, isolation, etc. However, reflecting upon the past year, we are grateful to God that we have received many blessings as a newly formed parish. We gratefully remember all the present parish administrative staff, the newly formed parish pastoral and financial councils who have worked very sincerely throughout the transition process. The past year also left us sadness and sorrows because of losing many of the remarkable and wonderful parishioners, still we continue to feel their loss. This parish assures to each of these families that we are with your and support you as one faith community. We sincerely thank all parishioners including all the committees and their members who contribute their time and energy for the good of the parish.

We are also so lucky here because of the generous contribution of all those who give their time and talents. There are too many to mention, but to each of you, we are grateful and would be lost without you all. I request your continued support and prayers for each of us as a faith community for the ongoing transition process of becoming one new and vibrant faith community. I request your patience in regards with some of the ongoing decisions being made in our parishes throughout our Diocese.

I thank all the leadership working diligently for our parish: Administrative staff, Pastoral Council, Finance Council, Faith Formation Team, Parish Nursing Team, Caretakers, Music Ministry, Liturgical Ministers, Knights of Columbus and CWL. May God bless your lives and work. I’m grateful for your assistance in support of our parish. May your heart be full of praise and gratitude and may 2019 be full of the Lord’s graces and blessings upon you and your family.

Merry Christmas,


Rev. Martin Aprutham